Summer is right around the corner which means one thing – we should be expecting World of Warcraft’s newest expansion Shadowlands within the upcoming months.

While we have no official release day just yet, it has been confirmed that the game will be coming in 2020 and if we look at Blizzard’s track record they usually release their expansions around July or August.

Let’s talk about the things we do know – Blizzard is taking us to a place we’ve never been before, the afterlife. In this expansion Sylvanas has opened the way to the other side and it is now up to you to journey to the afterlife and save warcraft legends and, as blizzard states, fulfill their ultimate destiny. 


With this brand new expansion World of Warcraft now gives us 5  brand new zones to journey and quest through. 

Bastion: With shimmering spires and vast vistas, Bastion draws the ones who have lived their life dedicated to assistance and kindness. Here you can assume the highest duty of all – carrying souls to the Shadowlands. 

Ardenweald: Tended by the mystic fae, Ardenweald is a lively forest for the ones linked with nature and wildlife. Here lies mighty dream trees that draw in soul essence to feed the spirits of nature awaiting rebirth.

Maldraxxus: The devastated and battle-scarred grounds of Maldraxxus is the motherland of necromantic magic. For those who dare try and conquer the powers of death can create persistent undead armies from legions of souls.

Revendreth: A dreary realm filled with mysterious villages and gloomy keeps, home to the venthyr, the harvesters of sin. The souls who find themselves in Revendreth may seek penance for their wrongdoing or even to indulge in the desires of their keepers.

The Maw: Perhaps one of the darkest parts of the afterlife, The Maw is where the foulest souls are sent to be imprisoned for all of eternity. To be cast here is to be doomed to a desolate eternity, and if any of the ancient evil prisoned here were to break out, all of reality would be devoured.

Along with the 5 new zones we will also have a brand new player hub – Oribos, The Undying City.  This is the arrival point for all who enter the Shadowlands and here you will be judged by the impassive Arbiter before being sent to their final landing place.


Every Covenants has a specific purpose within the Shadowlands and you will be able align yourself with one of the 4 different sects available. Once you enter the Coventant’s Sanctum you now can accept special quests where you’ll earn class specific abilities, a unique mount, transmogs, and bond with powerful souls to further customize your skills. 

Kyrian // Zone: Bastion 

These steadfast protectors take on the responsibility of making sure the souls of the dead make it into the Shadowlands.

Night Fae // Zone: Ardenweald 

For the ones who are tethered to the wild, these are the watchdogs of nature who sustain the cycle of rebirth. 

Venthyr // Zone: Revendreth 

This is a covenant of goth vampires who feast and harvest from the souls of the wicked.

Necrolord // Zone: Maldraxxus

These necrotic soldiers are skeleton lords who are drawn to combat and destruction, and wage war throughout the cosmos with an army of the undead to defend the Shadowlands.


Instead of leveling to 130, like we would expect, Blizzard is now capping the leveling to 60. Any character you have at the current max 120 will be condensed down to 50 once the expansion is launched. We should all be relieved by this once since leveling has become a bit tedious and now we will with every single level you gain you will get a guaranteed new skill and ability. 


You will now be able to customize your hero better than ever. Finally, Blizzard is giving us  what we’ve been demanding with more options such as all new hairstyles, facial hair, features, and so on. Not only are we getting more customization options but every race will now be able to roll as a Death Knight. 

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