Welcome to the all-new world of whorecraft blog where you will get the latest updates from the world’s most popular MMORPG. We will bring you patch release notes, game leaks, expansion information and much more. We have a dedicated team to inform you with the most powerful reviews and information. World of Warcraft is a constantly evolving game and we want to stay on top of newest features for you to enjoy. This blog will also contain the top tier builds for both PVE and PVP players to get the highest DPS possible. We will be covering all classes including, warriors, rogues, shamans, paladins and much more.

Largest Warcraft raid ever

What Whorecraft Blog Has to Offer

If you are having issues completing quests or fighting bosses we will have full guides for you to conquer the most difficult quests and dungeons bosses with the most experience points possible. Hot fixes blog posts will be included for every Warcraft update to ensure your characters doing the most damage possible.

New WoW Expansion Shadowlands

Playing Warcraft can be difficult at times, and knowing what monsters drop the best loot or the closest flight path, can be a huge factor in becoming a more powerful WoW player. You will save hundreds of hours reading our guides and increase your experience per hour for all of your characters.

For players looking to farm more gold you can find the top gold farming locations for each world of Warcraft expansion that can yield the highest gold per hour.

We hope you will enjoy these blog posts and look forward to exploring the world of Warcraft zones together.

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